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Sad News in the Industry! October 24, 2009

Brides and Periodicals

Conde Nast, had announced, Two of his publications will be taken off the market! The publications that I’m talking about are Modern Bride and Elegant Bride magazine. Perhaps, a decline in the sales of the periodicals.  Just maybe more brides are using other sources, like the Internet, word of mouth, and experienced Wedding Planners for realistic weddings and ideals. We are hopeful that other publications will continue to provide our brides,with extra resources and exciting news about the wedding industry!  Stylish Affair’s wishes Conde Nast Best Regards!


Everything from A-Z on Weddings

The place to be is here!

My name is Mickey Long, a certified wedding planner!

I wanted to take this time to tell you about our company.

Stylish Affair’s, is a consulting service. We take the brides visions, and execute their visions on their wedding day.

What set us apart from other wedding planners,is that we use the “Original Concept” as to what a bridal consultants duties, and responsibilites are.

When a couple is paying for a wedding specialist, they are in need of all of our special skills, knowledge, and expert advice, as well as gain trust and confidence in us! What we have seen, is that most wedding and event planners offers certain services for a certain price for a particular amount of hours!

I wondered how personal is this? How can a bride to be, really gain trust in the services offered,if the services are only good for particular tasks, and not all other tasks. So, Stylish Affair’s came up with the ideal way too set us apart from other wedding and event coordinators. And that is, Getting Back to The Basics, and offer our services from the very beginning to the days end of the event.Our mission is to stand by our couples through all the hectic planning process,up until the end of the big day,while remaining budget friendly!

Our rates are set at one price, with an all inclusive service,even if it’s a year of planning! We don’t charge a precentage of your wedding budget ! We don’t charge you for the amount of hours of work ! Most importantly is, we don’t charge you for whom we know in the wedding industry!

Stylish Affair’s puts customer service back into bridal consulting!


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